Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Writing to my LA babes real quick, good news? It's finally starting to feel like fall in Los Angeles but… how long is that really going to last? As much as I'd like this cool weather to stick around we all know how California's bi-polar weather can be. I guarantee you can rock this chic summer-y fit by next week! 

My gorgeous Kimono and shoes from Missguided paired perfectly with my Rojas clothing top. The cleated soles, barely there tattoo choker, and Deandri clear harness added the perfect amount of badass to this sweet outfit.

I see me wearing this to the third street promenade in Santa Monica, to a nice dinner, or just being out during the day! I'd also definitely update it to wear to fashion week. I dream of traveling the world designing & going to each fashion week in cute hand selected outfits like this. I am already so curious what I'll wear to my first NYFW!

(Missguided also has other super cute kimonos & platforms to pump up your look!)


I hope you all had a happy Halloween! Mine was a huge disappointment  unfortunately :( My night was full of lagging, complaints, and excuses. The worst part of all was this was my favorite costume ever and I took forever on my makeup to just end up sitting in my friends apartment. Well, on the bright side, I could wear my costume as an everyday dress in my opinion so it will get it's glory. 

Here is a adorbzzz photo of me and my bestie Kristen on Halloween, see why I'm mad I didn't go out? She is a Medical Marijuana nurse and I am a Chinese take-out box if you didn't know.

BTW, She runs a badass fashion blog too, check it out :) --> http://lil-bambii.blogspot.com


Photos by ❋ Ashley Nicole // Nicholas Valdo AKA @valdonicholas

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