Saturday, June 28, 2014


Baby is a city girl and LA is her kingdom.

I love love love this outfit. It's super badass and the monochrome theme totally works through the entire fit. The outfit started with my cute new cleated sole boots and my checkered socks and just kind of grew from there. I found out I could stretch my fishnet socks all the way under my knee so I finally fulfilled my dream of cute sock layering lol. Love how it turned out. From there I picked out this Dimepiece shirt I got like 2 years ago on their online black Friday sale. I unfortunately cropped it alittle short so I paired it with some fishnets I cut for an edgy under shirt. Then I just topped it off with crushed velvet and fur! What else does a girl need?


Photo creds: David! IG: @Mvision_la

* * *
Life has been so crazy lately. Awesome, but crazy. I almost don't know how to take it all in! 
So to begin I got my first "official modeling job" ever which is best put into words as so freaking cool. I got to shoot for Tunnel Vision which is this DOPE online clothing store that sells vintage and other really really amazing clothing. The gal that makes the magic that is Tunnel Vision happen is Madeline Pendleton, the boss lady (along with her rad friends). It's safe to say she's the sweetest person alive. I want to thank her for asking me to shoot I had a blast. The exposure that gave me has led to me being asked to model for others and has also brought a lot of attention to my Instagram, my style, and then inevitably my blog!
Only 2 weeks later another very delightful thing occurred. If you didn't know I'm launching my clothing this next month! My first ever designs produced are these African print fishnet shorts I've been dreaming about making for about half a year now! They have finally come to life, Hell YEEE! *available for pre- order June 5th btw*. Anyway, one day last week My internship Rojas was having a shoot with The Fabulous Stains for the Stay Dripped event. I had some of my shorts at the shop and little did I know some of the girls had picked them out to shoot in. So I get on Instagram and see my friend tagged me in a photo. I follow the link & see my 2 favorite stains, Luna and Robyn, in MY shorts!! At first I was upset cause I didn't get any credit for it but I just told them and got the word spread to the other stains and everything was peachy. It was just so cool, seeing my shorts already appearing on Fashion Bloggers pages, giving me tons of exposure, and I hadn't even launched them yet!!
ALSO, I just got back from EDC!! The infamous Electric Daisy Carnival, WOW. It was my first rave and I've never experienced anything like it. It was definitely an experience, one of the best ever. The overwhelming energy and blaring bass from the DJ's brought me into a whole new world. I loved it to say the very least. It all came together last minute after thinking for weeks I wasn't going. I was going to sell my ticket because my BF had to sell his ticket to pay for school (UGH, stupid grown up life decisions you have to make) but luckily my girl Karyn hit me up to go with her and her group of friends. I was sketched at first to go with a group I didn't know at all, I felt like EDC should be something I go to with my close friends, none of which were going :( BUT, it ended up being awesome!! Everyone in the group was super nice, we all took care of each other, vibed, and had a kick ass time! Now I have some new friends out of it too! This past weekend was def one to remember.

Here's a picture of my shorts available soon as well as some pics of the Lovely stains Luna and Robyn wearing them!

Here are their blogs - Robyn - Luna -


Fadeaway by Alex Angeles ft. DZL & Correy L

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Playing around the palm trees of Venice Beach,
soaking up the tropical vibes, she lives carefree.
The sun shines off her bamboos as she lays in the sand.
The wind blows through her curls as she watches the graffiti artists create beauty.
Be careful not to get caught in her net, She'll never let you leave her paradise.
Of course, that could be something you want.

Hey guys! So, this was a great day. Me and my bbygirl Tina went to Venice to shoot some blogposts for eachother. It's so fun having a blogging buddy!! It was a beautiful day to be in Venice! We had ice-cream, one of those potato tornados, and saw some.. interesting people to say the least lol. But, that's pretty much a big part of going to Venice Beach, the crazy people watching.

The way this outfit came together was that I really wanted to try my hand at this whole Nike trend. I had tons of ideas for the longest, just no Nike gear, and since I am a broke college student, I didn't think I'd get any very soon. Luckily, I was recently given this sports bra for free! I had always thought of a black and white look when I thought of Nike but seeing that this was hot pink I had a new challenge on my hands. Thinking pink, my mind immediately went to this hawaiian shirt I had in the same shade. I thrifted this shirt quite awhile ago and hadn't worn it since so I was excited to finally get it out of the deep depths of my closet. I had cropped it so my mind went next to the thought of high-waisted shorts. I got this pair of shorts from Urban outfitters, they originally came in jean but I bleached them after staining them *cries*. But hey, at least I got a cool pair of white shorts out of it. I then added my fishnet briefs peeking out the top of my shorts. This is one of my FAV things to do ever, it adds just the right amount of edge to my outfits. Plus net and mesh are perfect for pairing with sports attire, so naturally, that's what I did. To top it off I wore my kick ass Y.R.U. sandals and some bamboo earrings to keep with the tropical vibe.


I had to include this cute selfie I posted on Instagram! Notice the cute little hula girl lighter in my pocket. 

*Also, I hope everyone got my post title, I think it's quite clever*


Turn your lights down low By Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill