Thursday, December 18, 2014


I am a complete California girl; cold weather usually seriously bums me out! Unless I don't have to leave the house, then it's all about hot cocoa, movies, cuddles, and don't forget online shopping! Ayyyyee, am I right? Lately though, I've actually been happy about this cold weather and I'm embracing it in a weird way. Well, weird for me at least. Usually I'm dressed in rainbows, pretty things, or crazy prints & I've been all black, white, & UNIF. Which of course is totally not a bad thing! I can dig it. This time of year just brings out my dark side, I guess?

This F/W it's all about layering! Get the look with some of my essentials right now, trench coats and fur vests. Perfect layering pieces that will keep you both warm and chic! This trench coat is especially amazing for layering because of its standout sheer bottom design. Adding cute coats/vests of any kind over it can create a whole new edgy look! The other nice thing about this trench coat is that you can wear it in warmer weather as well because of its sheer features. One thing I said at the end of summer while thinking about what my fall wardrobe would be looking like is that I wanted a badass coat that flowed behind me when I walked. Safe to say I found it! Pair it with long and flowing bottoms for a high fashion "drape-y" look like I did or with a mini skirt for a flirtatious high-low effect that will make your legs look amazing. 

Another really important thing for me when getting dressed up this winter is being comfy. I mean I get it, half the time fashion involves a little pain. My friends and I always exclaim while walking in our mile high shoes and completely dysfunctional pvc skirts "do it for Fashion!", but it's cold outside and personally I just want to feel cozy. (Although, I'm prob still going to wear the mile high shoes lol).
That's why these pants are ideal. They are from a new up and coming brand called Cynsora that you NEED to check out. These pants are comfy, super unique, innovative, and come in a array of colors. See those cute little buttons at the top center of the pants? That's where the fabric unbuttons and the pants become a high-low skirt! Pretty darn cool if you ask me. I personally prefer them as pants but, I think it's nice to have that option. I also love the way they look when I walk and how they are so laid back & stylish at the same time. A definite dress up or down piece, a must have for every closet. 

This outfit is actually one of my favorites yet. Made my top ten list for sure. The way I dress is usually so street style and so is this but, at the same time I feel like it looks so much more high-fashion. I feel like my style is progressing and it feels really good to see. Now this is easily a look I see myself wearing to NYFW!


 Photos by ❋ Emilynn Rose IG: Emilynnrosephotography