Saturday, November 22, 2014


"People will stare, make it worth their while!" ~ Harry Winston

     When I go out my main goal is to look and feel badass. I do this for me & myself only. It's become my super power, if I love my outfit I pretty much will have a good day cause I feel unstoppable. It also just helps me practice confidence. Every time I go out I own my outfit and always feel good about wearing what I want to wear. Remember, Confidence shows through, and that can definitely up the look of an outfit any day. 

     I want to stress the importance of wearing things with confidence. For example, think about the peoples style you look up to. You may not always wear or even particularly like what they wear, you only still like it because it's what THEY wear and they do it with such confidence in themselves. Nothing more attractive to me then personal style. So if you put something on and you love it but you think that other people will think it's weird, that's exactly when you say you don't care and rock it!! That might be the best outfit you ever put together. 

      If you have a hard time putting an outfit together that makes you feel like the shizz then here's a tip! Try combining a bunch of your favorite elements of an outfit you like to wear. I like this outfit so much and feel amazing in it because it is made up of my fav kind of pieces. It gives off sweet school girl/ sex kitten vibes lol. Fishnet is always a must for me and this black skirt has been my staple piece for the last 2 months, I can't get over it. I feel like everyone needs a tennis skirt!! Not to mention that fuzzy, fluffy, anything furry is where it's at. My closet is slowly filling up with fluffy crops and skirts. This cute cuddle me up top is surprisingly warm and def turns heads. It's cropped super tiny so it's just about the sexiest grandma sweater you could wear. I paired it with an all black outfit to give it extra edge! Just throw on a moto jacket for the perfect California fall look.

     I got this crop from! I recently discovered them and love the wide range of versatile and fashion forward garments to choose from. They have everything! I teamed up with them to inspire you with a few looks in their clothing. Stay tuned for more!! 

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( It also comes in baby pink!!)

While shooting around Old Town Pasadena with Kristen a guy came up to me and asked to take my picture. He snapped the picture and walked away. The next day I received a DM from Soriano, a guy I've followed on twitter. I had obviously never met him but I have always seen his tweets and we have mentioned each other through twitter from time to time. The DM contained the picture, he sent it as a surprise! I thought that was such a cool thing!! Here is the pic ~

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Sunday, November 16, 2014


~ Live fast, ride free, bad gals do it well ~

I know what you're thinking, where did she get that magical top?! We all have to seriously thank Madeline for being such a design genius over at Tunnel Vision for this one. This top has such a witchy vibe but to be completely honest that's not really my style. So naturally, I found my way around this dilemma and toughened it up with a harley halter to give the top a whole new feel. These two tops as a pair is one of my favorite looks yet! Oh and what makes me proud of this fit most is that I made this halter! Literally out of a du-rag I found at a thrift store on my way home from a road trip to San Francisco! 
Good times :') 

We drove down the coast on the way home, stopped in a bunch of beach towns, and of course, I did some serious shopping. I am ready to be back in San Fran already!! Just have to get some things done here in LA first. 

I'm hoping now that I have a job thats providing me with constant cash flow (YESS!!!) I can save money to road trip it there and also make the pieces I really want to for my lil' "beginning of Summer" collection. When I began to work on the collection I realized I wanted to go in a different direction. I have new fresh ideas that I like better then the last ones and that's going to require me to get some new supplies. Low and behold I should have them by next week!!! I'm feeling my life start to take off in it's next direction. I'm ready for it. lez do this.


Thanks for reading!! ;)

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Sunday, November 9, 2014


If you haven't noticed by my tattoos, I'm obsessed with all things egyptian. The culture, the stories, and the secrets ancient Egypt and the pyramids seem to hold. They also invented eyeliner, so as you can imagine, I am forever grateful(; 

I got the pleasure to team up with Velvet Sphynx Swim, one of my favorite swim brands! As soon as I saw the drew top in tomb script it was necessary to have in my closet. I love its versatility and how the backside is unique. Interesting features on tops make it possible for cute layering, one of my favorite things to do when dressing up. It's also amazing quality swimwear, so that's a plus. 

Pairing this top with some baggy overalls, white out platform boots, and rainbow sunnies made my new age 90s street wear dreams come true. The colors in this fit kept me looking hella funky and cool. Like, can we talk about how perfect those glasses match the top??

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Writing to my LA babes real quick, good news? It's finally starting to feel like fall in Los Angeles but… how long is that really going to last? As much as I'd like this cool weather to stick around we all know how California's bi-polar weather can be. I guarantee you can rock this chic summer-y fit by next week! 

My gorgeous Kimono and shoes from Missguided paired perfectly with my Rojas clothing top. The cleated soles, barely there tattoo choker, and Deandri clear harness added the perfect amount of badass to this sweet outfit.

I see me wearing this to the third street promenade in Santa Monica, to a nice dinner, or just being out during the day! I'd also definitely update it to wear to fashion week. I dream of traveling the world designing & going to each fashion week in cute hand selected outfits like this. I am already so curious what I'll wear to my first NYFW!

(Missguided also has other super cute kimonos & platforms to pump up your look!)


I hope you all had a happy Halloween! Mine was a huge disappointment  unfortunately :( My night was full of lagging, complaints, and excuses. The worst part of all was this was my favorite costume ever and I took forever on my makeup to just end up sitting in my friends apartment. Well, on the bright side, I could wear my costume as an everyday dress in my opinion so it will get it's glory. 

Here is a adorbzzz photo of me and my bestie Kristen on Halloween, see why I'm mad I didn't go out? She is a Medical Marijuana nurse and I am a Chinese take-out box if you didn't know.

BTW, She runs a badass fashion blog too, check it out :) -->


Photos by ❋ Ashley Nicole // Nicholas Valdo AKA @valdonicholas

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