Friday, January 23, 2015


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     Just because New Years is over doesn't mean it's time to throw out that sequined look! Shine on, Ladies, in subtle sparkle and jewel tones. Bring in the new year looking cool, calm, and like a total Diva!! 

     I finally got myself an amazing pair of thigh high boots. A piece I feel my closet has been seriously missing out on! I originally wanted a pair of classic black boots that I knew would go with anything, but then I saw these at The Well for $70 off and well, I was basically forced to buy them. (Don't go, it's a trap). But hey, no buyer's remorse here! These chunky heeled blue velvet beauties are certainly a new fav. They fit very nicely on my legs and don't  fall down at all when I walk. If you're looking for a show-stopping shoe, look no further!

I actually put this outfit together when planning to stop by the new Nasty Gal store on Melrose! Obviously I think I belong at Nasty Gal so I wanted to dress to the part. I immediately put on these boots and started to think about what layers and textures I could throw on. Sheer or netted dresses are the perfect way to add both texture and layers to your look, so I started there. I wanted to do something a little different than adding a black 2 piece underneath so I went with this shiny jewel tone skirt and a strappy top with zipper detailing. I'm always looking for ways to amp up my outfit! I really love how this look pulled together with a "iridescent chic" vibe.  I think my braids really finished it off.

If you haven't checked out Nasty Gal yet, get ya girl gang together and head on over to bask in the beauty. This sleek and classy store includes fully mirrored dressing rooms, a pyramid shoe display, designer vintage, and carefully thought out clothing and accessory displays. SO FASHION!! SO Nasty Gal. Completely what would be expected if their website was being turned into a store. They even have a little selection of leather harnesses in with the fab lingerie. Speaking of their lingerie, have you checked out the latest on their site?! YOU NEED TO. Valentine's Day is around the corner, Ladies! Make it Nasty ;) Shop the styles here.

(bought at The Well)

Hey! Are you looking for that perfect classic pair of thigh highs? Here is a list of my top 5 picks!

(Unfortunately out of stock, but had to share! They're perf!)

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Saturday, January 3, 2015


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hope you guys had a fan-freaking-tastic New Year! I know I did. I spent NYE raving with my boo at Countdown! My night consisted of getting trippy, good vibez, and dancing on top of trashcans to the sick EDM. It was all fun and games till we had to walk far as heck to the car in 33 degree weather at 3 in the morning. I was wearing sweatpants, a long sleeve crop, and a fur vest and almost froze over!! I don't know how all these girls still wore their skimpy rave clothing, that is DEDICATION. Well, props to them and their little furry leg warmers I guess. (I hate those things)

I am over the moon excited about 2015. This past year has made me eccstatic about my life and certainly has given me a lust for it. I can't believe the amount of things I accoplished in 2014 and I know I could have accomplished more if I had really put my mind to it. I feel blessed to have had the opportunities that fell into my lap. I'm also so proud of myself for working hard to recieve these opportunities as well. This just makes me wonder what this year will bring to me. You change a lot in a year, and I feel there were many key things that happened this past year that will help me excel in 2015. I've already got projects in the works and am very excited to start my career as a designer and stylist. Speaking of that I just recently got my first payed styling job. This for me is just.. amazing. It's not some crazy high paying prestigious job but that is so besides the point for me. At age 19, I landed my first styling job. I am proud. The best thing about it is that because I haven't done any real styling work yet, I got it by putting together a line sheet of my best blog photos! I also owe a huge chunk of grattitude to Chris (IG: @Corredorres) for suggesting me to his talent agency and getting the wheels turning.  Earning this job through my blog photos was a huge thrill. To get recognized by my style feels amazing. Fashion is my passion (obviously) and for it to shine through and for others to notice makes my whole life. It makes me feel like I can really run with this. So 2015, I'm freaking ready for ya!!!!!!!

Below are some pictures and videos from my NYE at Countdown!  vvv

Annnnnyway, enough about me, let's talk clothes. I based this whole look around my rad checkered shorts from tunnel vision. I wear these alll the time because they are such a versatile and edgy piece to pair things with. Not to mention they're comfy! I just went all black and white with clear details for this look. Very casual yet very funky. Basically an everyday look for me. I think what really makes this fit is the shirt. I mean cause well yeah it's Versace DUH.
I have a slightly huge obsession with Versace, Gianni is undoubtedly my spirit animal. I love the way he made his clothing; bold, precise, unique, and to compliment the female figure. His use of techniques to create his clothes were just inspiring. Always experimenting with new fabrics and ways to do things. My small Versace collection consists of this shirt and a beautiful silky green bias cut mini dress I scored at a vintage expo. I got this top at Yeah Gurl fest from L.A.G Vintages' booth. I was so happy to stumble upon it because it's such an everyday wearable piece by my number 1 fashion guru.

TOP // L.A.G VINTAGE (Versace)


Child Pack byTadoe ft. Ballout 

Photos by ❋ Emilynn Rose IG: Emilynnrosephotography