Tuesday, March 25, 2014


up in the clouds
in a neon dream.
in a concrete jungle
making my name.

Hi guys! So this is my very first blog post so bare with me. My blog is going to show you my outfit posts, my jump into the fashion world, some of my creative process when it comes to creating my line, things I love, advise, and whatever happens to be going on in my life at the moment. I'll also probably often include a song I like at the end of my posts. Enjoy! 

 I had some kick ass neon green braids done so I wanted to go for a very fun, edgy, and colorful look. This outfit makes me think of an acid trip! My top is the scuba top from American Apparel I had been eyeing for a couple months. It was on sale for cheap at the factory so you know I had to snag it! The shorts are Getbadvibes, they are straight perfect. They have an amazing selection of shorts. They also have leggings and tops! I got them on Shoptunnelvision.com but they also sell them on their own website which i linked below. My shoes are the YRU chariot. They're from one of my favorite shoe brands and are just simply bossy as hell. I got my braids done by my friend Mar. Her Instagram is @marbraidsit you should def check her out, she's dope! 


This was a very new hairstyle so a very new look for me so I wasn't sure about it but then I just reminded myself that I need to work with what I got and rock it. Word of advise I always live by is that you should always do what you want regardless of weird looks, being alittle different. I see so many try to be different by being the exact same as everyone else. Nothing in my opinion is better than having your own personal style. When you wear what YOU want because YOU want to and love what you put together you feel like the HBIC. The feeling of not giving a single f#$% about someones opinion because your outfit radiates you and you feel like the baddest bitch alive is powerful. Your personal style is your essence, your passion, and everything unique to you. SO ALWAYS DO YOU. 


Patience by Damian Marley x Nas


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