Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Little unexpected beauties hidden around LA like cherry blossoms in the cracks of the concrete,
The sun rises over the towering buildings of the city like the sunrise behind a bonsai tree.
The city is peaceful,
I am at peace.

A couple weeks back I stopped by Virgo Downtown before heading home from class and ended up having a fun chat and picking out clothes with my new found friend Brytni! She actually is employed at Virgo so she was helping me find all the cutest picks. I got into telling her about how I wanted to start my blog but was stumped on how to to start in the first place. She gave me some great tips/ words of encouragement. She then proceeded to bring me this perfect asian inspired skirt, it was love at first sight. So as you can imagine this post is dedicated to this cool chick. xx

This shoot went down at 7 in the morning in Lil Tokyo, DTLA. Perfect lighting, great energy, no crowded streets, peaceful vibe. I think I'm getting better at this. All photos courtesy of David. Check his work out on insta- @Mvision_la. Thanks for the great Photos dude! 

This entire outfit was based off of and created around this skirt. I loved it's cultural feel and Lil Tokyo provided the perfect setting to shoot it in. This outfit is very feminine but at the same time has a dark feel. I paired the skirt with a black knit bralette top from American Apparel. The jeweled necklace chain is actually connected to my strapless bra. It came like that! I wasn't even sure what it was at first, but it's pretty cool. I wanted to give the look more edge by cutting up some old fishnets making them my sleeves and throwing on some fishnet thigh highs I bought from iguana vintage. To finish off the look I went for a new age version of the traditional socks and sandals look. My shoes are, you guessed it, YRU. The Qloud Athena.. They are too cool. I always love the feel they add to my outfits. The clear bottom is everything. Plus some chopsticks and voilĂ !

*purchases from my trip to virgo, I had been looking for some cute cat-eye sunnies*


*Drawing inspirations from other cultures*

 Here's some other photos from the shoot :

This guy right here is a artist making a documentary about living on skid row. He said to us, "Anyone can take a camera and film down skid row. I'm living it." He is living out in the cold with no food or shelter after being used to having a home, somewhere warm to sleep, for the sake of his documentary. I'm interested to see the final product. If you want to check out his project check out his Facebook -


The Worst by Jhene Aiko

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