Friday, May 2, 2014


~ Swagger on stupid, I can't shop at no department ~

 Currently, life is good. I just landed an internship a couple weeks ago with a local LA designer Freddie Rojas and I'm so so happy about it! Been there a very short time and have already picked up a few tricks. Over the past couple weeks we've already done a shoot with The Fabulous Stains, worked Brokechella, and this weekend we have a booth at Unique, which will be my first trade show. I definitely think things are going well and I know I'm going to learn so much from Freddie. I seriously have to thank my friend Dominic for scouting me into it! I've also had so much fun getting to know him while working with him at the Rojas shop. 

On another note I am taking a quarter  off from school. Good old FIDM messed up my registration and then informed me because I am changing my major I have to start next quarter. On top of that I have to do a new entry project even though I'm switching from fashion design and business to just fashion design. At first I was really upset about this but I thought it over and decided I'm going to take it as something positive. School usually takes up all my time so over this little break I'm going to focus on designing the line I'm putting together (CAN'T wait to show you all the magic!), My internship, and lastly look for a new job. Really going to be on my grind these next 2 months and I'm excited for it. Oddly enough though, I miss school, just not all the stress that comes with it lol.

This look is totally 90's with a twist. Had me feeling kinda clueless (Lol get it?). I really got inspired by my bucket hat I found through Instagram. The company followed me and I instantly fell in love with it. It's rare for me to like bucket hats but this one really caught my eye. When I found that tommy inspired belt for 29 cents at a thrift store it all came together. Because the hat is denim I wanted to keep with a classic look by adding the high-waisted denim mini skirt! I wanted a plain white top so I chose my bustier body suit. All that denim w. a plain white shirt also screams Tommy. I love simple, but I always need to add a cool twist on things to make them feel more me. I spiced up the outfit with the sock/ shoe combo featuring some fishnet frilly socks and my Y.R.U. Qloud Athenas. The pop of red the socks give are perfect. I love everything about this look & love everything about how good I feel wearing it! 

(They only have this hat in red and camoflague and are not restocking so hurry!!)


Fancy by Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX 
(such an appropriate song to go with this outfit)

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