Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Is there any models, photo G's, or even any MUA that want to collab with me? I would love to create some magic with a dope team, I'm all about it! If you like my styling and think we could make some art PLEASE don't hesitate to hit me with an email! Rates may apply ~ :)

Quick update on me: I styled this shoot for the brand This Is A Love Song that I am now working with! I'm interning with their design team in hopes of eventually getting a full time position or to get experience for a full time design job elsewhere. Time to get my career on the move, ya know?! I'm already doing a lot of hands on work at TIALS including styling and designing. We are working on a collection right now that's going to really blow your mind! I designed several items and can't wait for you all to see! I've also been doing more stylist work on the side so make sure to check out my other creative work right here on my blog and keep checking back for the new new. Easiest way to know when a new post goes live is by submitting your email in the box on the top right corner of my blog! Do it!! Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and is supporting me on my journey in fashion, ya'll are the real MVPs 


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