Monday, November 16, 2015



Do you have go-to pieces when making an outfit with a certain style of shirt or skirt? I definitely do! Lately though, I've had a new main goal while getting dressed, and that is trying to style everything a new way. I feel like I always try to push my limits and try something new but I want to focus in on doing that all the time to improve my styling capabilities! For example, usually I would pair a raglan tee with some denim but in this case I thought outside my own box and paired it with a knee-length tennis skirt!

 So lets talk about this skirt - Knee length, pleated, two tone, bad ass. It's kind of insane! I haven't seen much like it. It's not something I feel like I would usually wear but I feel like it's always good to step outside your comfort zone when it comes to fashion, it can really surprise you! I paired it with this great tee equipped with bold red raglan sleeves, rad beer embroidery on the front, and a cute slogan on the back. Petals and Peacocks really killed it with this one. I'm also really into embroidery, patches, etc. so this shirt def hit my sweet spot. 

One staple I think I'll always keep in my wardrobe is a cool pair of socks. I topped off this outfit with just that and my favorite platforms and boom a casually killer fit! Stay tuned for much more outfits with Petals and peacocks hitting the blog! It's getting colder in LA finally so I'll be styling up some more winter related posts soon. If you have any question specifically about how to style a certain piece of clothing for winter feel free to ask me in the comments or in an Instagram DM! I'll be answering these questions with photos and advise in an upcoming post as well! 



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