Thursday, April 2, 2015


      What is up guys?! I know, I know, I've been completely M.I.A. the past two months but blame that on my crazy life.  I'll tell you a little bit about my wild adventures and life changing crap in my next post coming this week so dont worry and keep a lookout!! :)

     First things first, I have a question. Has anyone else been literally dying over baby pink?? Well if you're like me, your closet has been slowly filling up with baby pink barbie goodness. This outfit is a definite tribute to my current and growing obsession. I combined my favorite pink pieces with leather and stripes to add that edge I always need in my fits. Both top and bottom were gifted from Missguided and I'm infatuated. I only had 1 concern about the top. The reason is because my torso is short so it crops at a weird length. In the photos I had it slightly tucked under for a good crop length. So just keep that in mind when purchasing.

     I've come to the conclusion that every girl needs a bomb pair of leather trousers in their wardrobe! Such a hot piece that just boosts up your style. I have been wanting some cigarette trousers in general and when I saw these it was instant heart eyes. Def going to be stocking up on more of this style pant in some lighter fabric and pretty prints for the summer time. 

     When styling these pants I've found you can go a couple different ways. I've been either pairing it up with some flame platforms, fur, Harley Davidson gear, or with a blazer. What? A blazer?.. Yes! The trouser shape makes them easy to dress up more "professionally." The other day I styled them with a black crop w/ silver detailing, a yellow blazer, and silver platform Birkinstocks. Nasty Gal Melrose even took a picture for their Instagram when I walked in wearing that!

     One feature about the pants that really had me excited is the fact that you can detach the belt! It's great because now you can get that bad gal moto look with other outfits as well. Like for example, when you're switching out these pants for a skirt on a hot summer day. I also suggest styling them with any kind of sweet printed crop. The contrast of badass leather and a girly little top is just perfect. Throw on some platforms with that and you look dressed for a day OR night out!

(It's on sale!!!)


         Photos by ❋ Nicholas Valdo (IG: @Valdonicholas)
       Check out more of his work at!


  1. Love this look. Especially those shoes!! Like OH MY GOD <3

  2. gosh you just got a new follower
    i love this look so much!
    this soft pink suits you perfectly
    and this vest is simply WOW WOW WOW <3

    hope you too visit my Blog <3