Saturday, September 13, 2014


So wow, this dress. I found this gem the other day at the Melrose trading post! It's vibrant colors and exotic print drew me in immediately and it's safe to say it's a new staple in my wardrobe. It's super light weight and flowy, perfect for LA weather. Like, where was this at the beginning of summer?!
 I paired it with these kick ass boots from Missguided for an Urban street style look. Then I accessorized it with a black choker and some mini bamboos to keep with the vibe of the dress. 

These shots were taken at the old zoo in El Dorado Park. It's a series of old broken down buildings that you can go in and explore. This place is definitely one to check out. Big thanks to Nicholas (the amazin' photographer) for taking me here in the first place. 


As for me, I'm starting to figure out the direction I'm trying to go in. I'm taking some time off from school to work so I can move out and start my business. In the meantime, I'm still working on improving my skills so when I can finally get Lipstick Jungle going it will be the best it can be. 
I'm currently in Chicago for my first time! I'm visiting my best friends Kristen & Tina that went back home allll Summer & let me tell you it's the best feeling ever. I missed them like crazy & I'm excited to see where they grew up just like they've seen where I have. Details on my trip will be on the blog next week! 

Photos by  ❋  Nicolas Valdo AKA @Valdonicholas

Listen to - Por Vida by Kali Uchis.