Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Playing around the palm trees of Venice Beach,
soaking up the tropical vibes, she lives carefree.
The sun shines off her bamboos as she lays in the sand.
The wind blows through her curls as she watches the graffiti artists create beauty.
Be careful not to get caught in her net, She'll never let you leave her paradise.
Of course, that could be something you want.

Hey guys! So, this was a great day. Me and my bbygirl Tina went to Venice to shoot some blogposts for eachother. It's so fun having a blogging buddy!! It was a beautiful day to be in Venice! We had ice-cream, one of those potato tornados, and saw some.. interesting people to say the least lol. But, that's pretty much a big part of going to Venice Beach, the crazy people watching.

The way this outfit came together was that I really wanted to try my hand at this whole Nike trend. I had tons of ideas for the longest, just no Nike gear, and since I am a broke college student, I didn't think I'd get any very soon. Luckily, I was recently given this sports bra for free! I had always thought of a black and white look when I thought of Nike but seeing that this was hot pink I had a new challenge on my hands. Thinking pink, my mind immediately went to this hawaiian shirt I had in the same shade. I thrifted this shirt quite awhile ago and hadn't worn it since so I was excited to finally get it out of the deep depths of my closet. I had cropped it so my mind went next to the thought of high-waisted shorts. I got this pair of shorts from Urban outfitters, they originally came in jean but I bleached them after staining them *cries*. But hey, at least I got a cool pair of white shorts out of it. I then added my fishnet briefs peeking out the top of my shorts. This is one of my FAV things to do ever, it adds just the right amount of edge to my outfits. Plus net and mesh are perfect for pairing with sports attire, so naturally, that's what I did. To top it off I wore my kick ass Y.R.U. sandals and some bamboo earrings to keep with the tropical vibe.


I had to include this cute selfie I posted on Instagram! Notice the cute little hula girl lighter in my pocket. 

*Also, I hope everyone got my post title, I think it's quite clever*


Turn your lights down low By Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill

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