Wednesday, June 17, 2015


     Hey babes, the heat is on! What are your summer wardrobes looking like?  During this sunny season you want a cool and effortless look and one way you can achieve that is with a sporty vibe. I feel like there's just something about a sporty inspired look that is easy breezy; you look so cool, but you also look like you didn't have to try. So think net, mesh, visors, buckles, stylish basket ball-like or sweat shorts, crops, and mini skirts. Try experimenting with different "sporty" looking fabrics and don't be afraid to COLOR BLOCK. This crazy 2D/3D backpack definitely gave me the color blocking effect I've been going wild for! It's pretty darn sporty too. This amazing statement bag is lightweight, perf for a day trip or adventure, and adds just the right pop of color to your day.

      This summer is all about color! Don't just go with the traditional black and white sport look, mix it up! Colorful is the new black ladies ;). Try out some pastels or more pronounced shades such as lemon, green, pink, blue or burnt orange! I'm especially feeling cobalt at the moment. Like this bomb vinyl skirt that I purchased at American Apparel. I started working there recently, and have a 50% off discount (ohhhhhh yeahhhhh) so now after like a year I finally got my hands on one *heart eyes*. They also have a bunch of other fab summer-y colors you should check out. A nice feature about them is that they are lined so don't worry about getting all gross and sticky! I paired it up with this FILA inspired crop top to keep with the over all feel of the look. I'm stoked on how it all came together!


Photos by ❋ Armando Cepeda(IG:@mandopazzi)

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