Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Trying to blend in but somehow always standing out. I never fit into the cookie cutter setting around me. I was destined for something other then the norm, I was destined for greatness. The day i realized standing out wasn't something to be ashamed of was the day I started my journey. 

I'm currently on spring break and am more than happy about it because school was tiring me out and finals kicked. my. ass.
 I plan on staying productive during my break, focusing on my line development and perfecting my sewing. I finally have a place to sew so it's time to get down to business. THE HUSTLE NEVER STOPS. Even know I'm going to stay focused don't doubt that I'm going to take a well deserved vacation. I need it. I have a pretty much free stay at a hotel  suite in Palm springs so I'm trying to get a group together to relax, turn up, and just have some fun. 

I started out my break by going to Connected fest. It's a fashion festival presented by The Well that brings together fashion + music + art + community. It was so fun! and I scored some seriously dope stuff!! and saw some pretty dope people. And I had pizza, thumbs up all around I even ran into Pia Mia! Random story about her: I found this really cute vintage vest at connected, wheat leather in the front and stretch cotton in the back. I put it down for a sec to look at the rest of the clothes and when I came back to it guess who was purchasing it? Yes, Pia. "You mad?" Hell yeah I'm mad! but it'll look cute on that little fashion killa.

Anyways, speaking of connected fest, that's where I got half of my outfit! It's a new age army girl look. The Halter I got from The Cobra Shop's booth at connected. The colors are what got me, so funky and they gave the camouflage a refreshing look. Although I've loved camo forever, the trending of it kind of played it out for me so I was happy to find this. The skirt is the black pvc circle skirt from American apparel. I'm just wearing a plain black bandage skirt I got years ago underneath.  I've wanted a skirt like this forever and I was lucky enough to score it cheap at the factory! I still want it in pretty much every other color. It's perfect for layering over dresses or just pairing with some shorts or a skirt. I want the completely clear one so when I wear patterns underneath they'll completely show through. The shoes are from YRU. I got them from The Well's booth at connected for only $35!! (Thanks Alex) They are black platform sneakers with quilt detailing and hiking boot laces. Can you say badass?

*Better view of the YRU quilted Raze*


I also wanted to add this little selfie I took wearing this outfit because I was wearing my clueless feather choker from The Cobra Snake! It wasn't showing up well in my photos cause we just did a quick little "Iphone Photoshoot" lol. It was just for fun at first but I ended up liking the photos. It just looked like I had something on my neck so it didn't make it into the post. But trust, it made the outfit.


Freaky girl by Gucci Mane


Little unexpected beauties hidden around LA like cherry blossoms in the cracks of the concrete,
The sun rises over the towering buildings of the city like the sunrise behind a bonsai tree.
The city is peaceful,
I am at peace.

A couple weeks back I stopped by Virgo Downtown before heading home from class and ended up having a fun chat and picking out clothes with my new found friend Brytni! She actually is employed at Virgo so she was helping me find all the cutest picks. I got into telling her about how I wanted to start my blog but was stumped on how to to start in the first place. She gave me some great tips/ words of encouragement. She then proceeded to bring me this perfect asian inspired skirt, it was love at first sight. So as you can imagine this post is dedicated to this cool chick. xx

This shoot went down at 7 in the morning in Lil Tokyo, DTLA. Perfect lighting, great energy, no crowded streets, peaceful vibe. I think I'm getting better at this. All photos courtesy of David. Check his work out on insta- @Mvision_la. Thanks for the great Photos dude! 

This entire outfit was based off of and created around this skirt. I loved it's cultural feel and Lil Tokyo provided the perfect setting to shoot it in. This outfit is very feminine but at the same time has a dark feel. I paired the skirt with a black knit bralette top from American Apparel. The jeweled necklace chain is actually connected to my strapless bra. It came like that! I wasn't even sure what it was at first, but it's pretty cool. I wanted to give the look more edge by cutting up some old fishnets making them my sleeves and throwing on some fishnet thigh highs I bought from iguana vintage. To finish off the look I went for a new age version of the traditional socks and sandals look. My shoes are, you guessed it, YRU. The Qloud Athena.. They are too cool. I always love the feel they add to my outfits. The clear bottom is everything. Plus some chopsticks and voilĂ !

*purchases from my trip to virgo, I had been looking for some cute cat-eye sunnies*


*Drawing inspirations from other cultures*

 Here's some other photos from the shoot :

This guy right here is a artist making a documentary about living on skid row. He said to us, "Anyone can take a camera and film down skid row. I'm living it." He is living out in the cold with no food or shelter after being used to having a home, somewhere warm to sleep, for the sake of his documentary. I'm interested to see the final product. If you want to check out his project check out his Facebook -


The Worst by Jhene Aiko

Tuesday, March 25, 2014



 This look is just something random thrown together to get some great shots in. I've been recently doing alot of shoots just to build my portfolio so I can try and land real jobs! My passion is designing clothes but I think modeling would be a fun thing to do on the side and a great way to network and build connections. Anything involving clothes is pretty much right up my alley. This as well as my last post were shot at studio 6. The roof has a perfect view of LA!

 I had just dyed my hair the night before to "african violet"... UM NOT VERY VIOLET. So basically it turned out black. When I went to blow dry my hair to straighten it I saw I actually liked my blown out fro in a darker color (my hair was previously light brown) so I just went with it! Believe it or not the pictures don't do the enormous size of that fro any justice, it was much more glorious in person.

 I wore some super cute new overalls I got on sale on Urban's website. They have kind of a loose over-sized bottom fit and have a metal ring connecting the straps to the shorts in the back. I got the shirt from I got it awhile ago so they no longer sell it but I've seen it other places like so you can check there! Those beautiful shoes are the Jeffery Campbell nirvana boot. I got them off! They are definitely one of my favorite pairs of shoes. They are badass, comfortable, and go with pretty much anything. I LOVE THEM. They also come in more colors now! I'm swooning over the blue and grey pairs. The thing is I've never really liked wheat colored Timberlands because they reminded me of the kind of shoes my dad would wear camping but I loved how the wheat color went with so many things. SO, you can imagine my excitement in finding these! Jeffery campbell added the perfect girly x edgy touch to the boot which made it perfect for me. If you're looking for some bamboo earrings they have them on for cheap. They aren't all the best quality (break easily) but they look good and if you take care of them they last. Another good place to get them is ran by the blue haired goddess Lillipore. The sunnies are courtesy of Jwny although I've seen ones like them in vintage stores and on melrose.


*Here are some of the other colors I've been swooning over*



My girl Mary hooked it up w. my make up for this shoot and another! I hate that this picture is blurry but it's the only decent one we took lol. Plus we were overall twins we had to take a pic. Makeup looked flawless.


Acid Raindrops by People under the stairs


up in the clouds
in a neon dream.
in a concrete jungle
making my name.

Hi guys! So this is my very first blog post so bare with me. My blog is going to show you my outfit posts, my jump into the fashion world, some of my creative process when it comes to creating my line, things I love, advise, and whatever happens to be going on in my life at the moment. I'll also probably often include a song I like at the end of my posts. Enjoy! 

 I had some kick ass neon green braids done so I wanted to go for a very fun, edgy, and colorful look. This outfit makes me think of an acid trip! My top is the scuba top from American Apparel I had been eyeing for a couple months. It was on sale for cheap at the factory so you know I had to snag it! The shorts are Getbadvibes, they are straight perfect. They have an amazing selection of shorts. They also have leggings and tops! I got them on but they also sell them on their own website which i linked below. My shoes are the YRU chariot. They're from one of my favorite shoe brands and are just simply bossy as hell. I got my braids done by my friend Mar. Her Instagram is @marbraidsit you should def check her out, she's dope! 


This was a very new hairstyle so a very new look for me so I wasn't sure about it but then I just reminded myself that I need to work with what I got and rock it. Word of advise I always live by is that you should always do what you want regardless of weird looks, being alittle different. I see so many try to be different by being the exact same as everyone else. Nothing in my opinion is better than having your own personal style. When you wear what YOU want because YOU want to and love what you put together you feel like the HBIC. The feeling of not giving a single f#$% about someones opinion because your outfit radiates you and you feel like the baddest bitch alive is powerful. Your personal style is your essence, your passion, and everything unique to you. SO ALWAYS DO YOU. 


Patience by Damian Marley x Nas